Anti-Ragging Cell

Objectives of Anti Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Committee will be the Supervisory and Advisory Committee in preserving a Culture of Ragging Free Environment in the college Campus. Members of the cell regularly go on rounds to each and every classroom to make note of misbehaving and to make sure that the college campus is free from ragging and eve-teasing. The Cell takes severe disciplinary action against students indulging in such terrible activities

Students can make use of the suggestion boxes placed on different sections of the campus to make their complaints regarding ragging. They may also approach the members of the cell or any of their other teachers as is comfortable to them.

Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Squad

Anti-Ragging Squad will be working under the Monitoring of Anti Ragging Committee and will seek advice from the Anti-Ragging Committee. The functions of Anti-Ragging Squad will be to keep a vigil and stop the incidences of Ragging, if any, happening / reported in the places of Student aggregation including, Classrooms, Canteens, Buses, etc. The Squad will also educate the students at large by adopting various means about the menace of Ragging and related Punishments there to. A gamut of positive reinforcement activities are adopted by Anti-Ragging Squad for orienting students and molding their personality for a better cause. They shall work in Consonance and Guidance of Anti Ragging Committee


As per the UGC Regulations and instructions Anti Ragging Committee is constituted in the college as detailed below

Sl.No Name Category Nominated
1 Mrs.Jameela - Secretary Head of the Institution President
2 Mr.Mustafa - Trustee Representative of NGO involved in youth activities Member
3 Mr.Sridhar - Principal Representative of Faculty Members& Students Vice President
4 Dr.Rajanna - Professor Representative of Faculty Members Member
4 Dr.Rajanna - Professor Representative of Faculty Members Member
5 Mrs.FatimaFarhat - Assistant Professor Representative of Faculty Members Member
6 Mr.Munikrishna G - Librarian Representative of Faculty Members Member
7 Haleema - I BCA Representative of Students belongs to fresher category Member
8 Lavanya - II B.Com Representative of Students belongs to Senior category Member