Youth Red Cross Wing

The Youth Red Cross unit of our college has always played anactive role in spreading medical and health consciousness among our students and the general public. The unit conducts a mega blood donation campaign every year to repeat its primary belief that donating blood is equal to giving life. The YRC also conducts crash courses in first aid for the benefit of our students as well as the staff. It conducts medical check-up camps for staff and students.

OBJECTIVE OF YRC (Youth Red Cross):
 •• To act in case of armed conflict and in peace to prepare to act in all the fields covered by the Geneva Conventions within the scope of International Humanitarian Law and on behalf of all war victims, both civilian and military.
 •• To contribute to the improvement of health, the prevention of disease and maternity and child care in the community.
 •• To promote the participation of children and youth in the work of the Red Cross.
 •• To recruit, train and develop volunteers/personnel as necessary for undertaking humanitarian responsibilities.